Why should supermarkets invest in Instor’s well-designed racks

With the growing popularity of online shopping in India, supermarket owners now have a greater responsibility for providing a fantastic in-store shopping experience. It will not only help in retaining the original set of customers but also invite new ones through positive word-of-mouth reviews. 

So, how do you provide that experience? One way to go about it is by installing well-designed racks from Instor, one of the best departmental store rack manufacturers in India. Here’s why –

  1. Modern aesthetics

As supermarket owners, you not only compete with other supermarkets but also with online shopping portals. Hence, you must deliver the best shopping experience you can and attract customers from all walks of life. Aesthetics is one way of achieving this experience. By giving your supermarket a modern look, your customers will not only enjoy shopping but also marvel at the prospect of returning to your supermarket for buying in the future. Purchasing well-designed racks from Instor that will blend with your supermarket’s decor will help you achieve the required aesthetic. 

  1. Corrosion-free racks

Many supermarket racks carry the danger of corrosion after a brief period. It is because these racks are either made from cheaper quality materials or not tested in the lab. Because of the lack of durability, various supermarket owners like yourself, look for a solution to this problem. The answer lies in Instor’s corrosion-free racks. They undergo multiple independent lab tests, and the results always meet the highest quality standards. 

  1. Industry’s highest load-bearing capacity

As a supermarket owner, you need racks that have a high load-bearing capacity, as you need to display products from different brands. A variety of options leads to more purchases, which leads to higher sales numbers. Therefore, buying racks with Instor will make you experience this domino effect. Moreover, you will be purchasing racks that are certified with the highest load-bearing capacity in the industry.

  1. Easily adjustable

The best supermarket racks are the ones that can easily adjust to the layout of a supermarket and occupy sufficient wall and floor space during installation. By purchasing racks from Instor, you will find products that not only blend with supermarket’s aesthetics but also provide enough space for customers to walk and browse different products. Moreover, our racks come under various sizes and configurations, which makes it easy to adjust them to a particular height giving more flexibility & reach. 

  1. Widest range of supermarket racks

Instor caters to various types of businesses by producing a wide range of supermarket racks. They are as follows – 

  • Supermarket Grocery Racks
  • Gondola Racks For Supermarket/Hypermarket
  • Grain Display & Storage Units
  • Bakery Racks
  • Vegetable & Fruit Display Racks
  • Crockery and Utensil Display Fixtures
  • Toys Display Racks
  • Sports Item Display Racks
  • Footwear Display Racks
  • Apparel Racks & Hanging Units
  • Cosmetics Racks & Display Unit
  • Stationery & Gifts Display Racks
  • Display Counters
  • Impulse Display Units
  • Checkout Counters
  • Heavy Duty & Specialised Storage Racks
  • Storage Lockers

Being one of the best retail display racks manufacturers, Instor’s widest range of racks are customizable as per the layout of the store. It ensures maximum product exposure, optimum customer-product engagement, and appropriate display for every item.


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