What You Need to Know about Instor’s World Class Products

Recognized as the #1 retail fixture manufacturer in India, Instor provides a wide range of solutions in verticals such as Display, Storage, Movement, and Steel Doors. These solutions deliver on Instor’s ‘We Care’ promise, thanks to its state-of-the-art product design and lab-certified quality.

As we believe in delivering the best customer experience, you, as a business owner, should definitely know the kind of world-class products you will invest in. Here’s everything you need to know about them.

1. Display

The modern-day shopping culture has become more than just visiting a shopping centre and buying the required products. Customers expect the store or the supermarket they shop in to blend modern aesthetics with space utilization, to create a fruitful shopping experience. By installing our display products, you can contribute to that experience for your store or supermarket. Our product designs create an effect on in-store flow, which will allow you to easily change layouts and cater to your customers’ changing needs.

With Instor, you can choose from the following types of products –

Display racks and shelves
Display wall units
Gondola racks
Experience and display counters
Display podiums
Impulse display and storage units
Fruits and vegetable display racks
Display accessories

These products have a high load-bearing capacity, high durability, anti-corrosive wear, and effectively utilize space thanks to their sturdy fittings. All these features will give your store or supermarket the modern look it deserves.

2. Storage

While our display products will help you attract new customers and retain the older ones, our storage products will assist you in organizing your goods. You will not only be able to easily access your goods but also maximize your overall storage area.

Here is a list of Instor’s range of storage products, which will help you easily transport goods from the storage unit to the retail store:

Storage racks
Storage lockers
Roll cages
Metal cages

Some of our clients include the biggest names in the Indian retail industry, such as D-Mart, Patanjali, Big Bazaar, and many more. They can vouch for the strength, sturdiness, and load capacity of our products.

3. Movement

Another factor that contributes to customers’ hassle-free experience is the free movement of goods. Customers need shopping carts, baskets, or movement trolleys to move from one section to the other, swiftly and comfortably. You can buy these items from Instor, where the durability of our products will help you save maintenance costs, and allow you to focus on improving customer engagement and sales.

Your store will also need billing counters for your customers’ pleasant check-out experience. Our billing counters are ergonomically designed with the different sizes of retail stores in mind. These billing counters will provide you with a monitor stand, keyboard tray, scanner housing hand, fake note detector, and all the other expected characteristics.

4. Steel Doors

There is a growing need for metal doors in high-rise commercial buildings, shopping malls, and various industrial plants. Our extensive range of steel doors aims to fulfill these demands. They meet all the essential security requirements in terms of strength, durability, or maximum fire resistance, steel doors, and frames. Moreover, we ensure our products go through a series of tests that certify their longevity, quality, and durability.

Instor provides the following type of doors –

Steel doors for fire and general applications
Fire-rated doors
Multipurpose doors
Glazed steel doors
Wooden finish
Shaft doors
International brand of front doors

So, if you wish to avail the best display, movement, and industrial storage solutions in India, look no further than Instor! Our attention to detail and understanding of your requirements will give you the needed competitive edge to deliver outstanding profits.


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