What are the benefits of installing slotted angle racks

No one knows the importance of racks better than supermarket owners, such as yourself. You not only use these racks to display a variety of products but also for storage purposes. For the latter, slotted angle racks serve as the ideal storage option as they can store a large volume of inventory. Also, they are expandable, which helps in meeting a more substantial storage demand. Lastly, their durability and cost-effectiveness explain the high need for slotted angle racks amongst supermarket owners. 

If these racks tick all the boxes for storage, do they provide similar benefits for display as well? Yes, they do. However, the decision to purchase them from a rack manufacturer can be an arduous one, especially in Pune. It’s because there are several manufactures that vie for the position of the best rack manufacturer in India. But, the one that can truly proclaim this position is Instor, one of the slotted angle rack manufacturers in Pune. Here’s how:

  1. Configurable racks

Before installing new racks, there are certain factors to be considered. The racks must blend with the aesthetics of the supermarket, efficiently utilize floor and wall space, and possess a high-load bearing capacity. However, the most important factor to consider is the racks configuring ability. They should not only be available in different shapes and sizes but should also be adjustable at any height. Instor’s well-designed slotted angle racks fulfill these requirements. Our racks not only look good in terms of design but provide high-load bearing capacity, and display anti-tilt mechanisms that equally distribute weight and prevent tilting or tipping. Moreover, these racks are available in wood and metal as per your requirement and are customizable in various sizes, finishes, and colors. 

  1. Acts as display cum storage units 

The primary use of a rack is to display as many products as you can. By showcasing products of different brands, your customers will have numerous options to browse. However, these products need to be stored, as well. Enter Instor’s display cum storage units. It has enough storage space for products to be placed directly on display shelves, in cabinets, or storage drawers. 

By purchasing slotted angle racks from Instor, you will find the following –

  • Base cabinets or drawers
  • High load-bearing capacity
  • Available in wood and metal
  • Custom sizes with various finishes and colors
  1. Become display podiums

As said before, the primary purpose of slotted angle racks is to display a variety of products in the best possible manner. The products could be books, magazines, greeting cards, or any other stationery on display. In case you need a book stand, our multi-level podium range gives you a variety of options to display featured books attractively. Similarly, our multi-slotted racks-cum-display podiums make it perfect for displaying and storing notebooks, files, folders, and related items. These podiums are easy to adjust, move, and store at an appropriate place. Moreover, they are available in a variety of sizes, colors, and finishes. Hence, you can purchase racks of colors and sizes that appeal to you.

So, the next time you look to install slotted angle racks for your supermarket, look no further than Instor, India’s #1 racking system manufacturer in Pune


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