W. Rostow, the stages out-of monetary progress is actually: a great

W. Rostow, the stages out-of monetary progress is actually: a great

To boost economic progress the us government is most likely in order to: a) Boost interest levels b) Improve income tax pricing c) Provide bonuses to spend d) Give incentives to store Respond to: C fifty. Financial increases is visible of the an external shift off: a) The supply Options Boundary b) The fresh new Gross Residential Barrier c) This new Marginal Practices Frontier d) The minimum Productive Size Answer: A great 51. Considering W. A few b. About three c. Five d. Five Address: D 52. Most of the underdeveloped economic climates suffer from ____ that don’t allow the growth rate rise away from a diminished peak. Highest inhabitants demands b. High kid mortality c. Hugh monetary mismanagement d. High level out of scientific jobless Answer: A 53.

The concept of financial development was: good. Similar into the notion of monetary invention b. Narrower versus idea of financial advancement c. Wider than the that of financial creativity d. Unrelated on concept of economic invention Answer: B 54 meetmindful. The speed away from development of a benefit mainly is dependent on: good. The speed out of development of the brand new labour force b. New ratio from national money protected and you may spent c. The speed away from technological improvements d. Every a lot more than Answer: D 55. Brand new fixed county given that envisaged of the Adam Smith, was marked by: an effective. Low-rate out-of finances b. Subsistence level earnings c. Higher rents d. All of the a lot more than Address: D 56. Exactly who submit the concept from social dualism? A.Lewis b.

G.Myrdal c. J.H. Boeke d. Hirshman Address: C 57. Exactly who coined the expression ‘demonstration effect’? W.W. Rostow b. James Duessenberry c. Roentgen.Nurkse d. J.K. Galbraith Answer: B 58. Unemployment developed by particular enough time-identity change in request otherwise scientific standards during the a discount is labeled as: good. Frictional unemployment b. Cyclic united nations-a career c. Structural unemployment d. Concealed jobless Address: C 59. How many stages off financial increases had been discussed and you will analysed by the Rostow and therefore all economies are supposed to move across regarding the span of their invention? Eight b. Four c. Four d. Around three Respond to: B sixty. Brand new ‘big-push’ method regarding advancement was recommended by the: an excellent. Paul Letter-Rosenstein-Rodan b. Simon Kuznets c. W.Good, Lewis d. Hirshman Address: A 61. And therefore growth design determined the use of funding-production ratio to have invention believed?

A great.O

New Harrod-Domar design b. Solow’s model c. Kaldor’s design d. Feldman’s design Address: A good 62. Just like the a help so you can invention planning, far use will be made today of your type in-production research. Exactly who very first used it? H. Liebenstein b. W.W. Leontief c. W.Good. Lewis d. Hirshman Respond to: B 63. Well-balanced gains means: a good. Parallel development of a variety of products, and that support one another b. Equal allotment from tips to several groups c. Various other sectors expanding in the its natural cost off increases d. Consistent rate of growth out of yields over the years Address: C 64. Invention which have unlimited provides regarding work theory try conceived by: a beneficial. Gustav Ranis b. W.A. Lewis c. Roentgen. Nurkse d. J.Schumpeter Respond to: B 65.

And therefore of one’s adopting the isn’t precisely matched up?

Big-push strategy: Paul N. Rosenstein- Rodan b. Healthy development principle: R. Nurkse c. Development having unlimited provides from work: A-0. Hirschman d. Vital minimum means: Prof. Harvey Leibenstein Answer: C 66. That have financial gains, brand new ratio off labor-force involved with agriculture: an excellent. Grows b. Minimizes c. Remains unchanged d. Changes in an ambiguous style Address: B 67. Which one of the following the gotten a central lay by Schumpeter in the theory off advancement? Financing buildup b. Part of your Regulators c. Significance of well-balanced increases d. Role out-of designs Answer: D 68. That of your own following the categories of dualism is actually H. Myint including associated with? Technical dualism b. Geographical dualism c. Financial dualism d. Societal dualism Address: C 69. Next phase of theory regarding group transition is actually characterised by: good.

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