Store Displays – How to Pick the Right Ones for Your Business

Visual merchandising is an essential element that contributes to a brand’s personality and the characteristics associated with a brand. The main idea behind this is to affect the sales numbers in a positive way. Retail stores that focus on visual merchandising can increase the sales to a great extent while making the best use of their available area.

Visual merchandising guides how customers behave in the stores and how can they be provided with better shopping experience every time they walk in. It is extremely helpful in promoting slow-moving items, announcing sales, or highlighting newly arrived items. Today, we will explain why and how should retailers optimize their store displays.

What’s the Need of Optimizing Store Displays?

To influence customers’ buying behaviour

Correct product placement and shelf layout makes sure the customers visiting your store come across the items you have highlighted and buy more than they originally intended to. It is a great way to increase impulse sales.

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To enhance brand image

The appearance of your retail stores is the flag-bearer of your brand. The visual merchandising should be done in accordance with the theme of your brand and it may prove to be a very beneficial step in establishing and enhancing the image of your brand. The customers start to feel more acquainted towards a brand if all the appearance of the stores within the brand follow a uniform pattern.

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To increase footfall traffic

The more customers walk-in to your store, the higher the sales figures rise. Visual merchandising when done the right way enhances the in-store experience and increases the chances of customers visiting again and again.

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Types of Display Fixtures

Shelves and Racks

Shelves and racks for the retail environment come in various shapes, sizes, and makes to fit the requirements of many kind of retailer and help them with their visual merchandising efforts. These are capable of putting forward the maximum number of items that catch the attention of the shoppers.

Wall Units

Used in conjunction with metal shelvings and slatwall panels, the wall units help make the maximum use of the available area in a store by utilizing the walls to display certain items. Wall units are easy to adjust and often have high load-bearing capacities.


Often used to merchandise the central areas of the stores, gondola units are two-sided and have adjustable shelves. These free-standing structures are often made up of steel and are very common in the grocery, apparel, and pharmacy stores owing to their capacity to hold more products. Gondolas are further classified into slatwall, pegboard, and gridwall gondolas.

Experience and Display Counters

Customers like to try out the features of various electronic gadgets and appliances before making the final purchase. Experience counters make sure they interact with their desired products and get the look and feel of their favourite mobiles, cameras, and laptops before buying. Display counters help with displaying of the products in a better manner for the store visitors to have a better look of the products.


There are many heavy-duty appliances that need to be placed at convenient places in the store for the shoppers to see and inspect, but shelves, racks, and gondolas can’t be used to showcase them. Podiums come in handy for these products, like refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, cycles, etc. Podiums can also be utilized for displaying lighter products like music systems and TV screens.

Impulse Units

Impulse units enhance the sales of the stores to a large extent by making use of impulsive behaviour of the customers while being placed in some of the most high-traffic areas of the stores and near the checkout counters. Seasonal products, chocolates, gift items and promotional items are the best choices for being sold via impulse display units.

Garment Racks

Garment racks are generally made up of metal and designed specifically to display clothing items in hanging fashion. Garment racks are the must-haves if you own an apparel store.

Speciality Displays

Speciality displays, often referred to as Accessories display units, are used to showcase various other types of miscellaneous items and accessories like earphones, books, jewelleries, electronic spare parts, etc. Many a time, they are designed specifically to display a certain product.

How to Pick the Right Display Units for Your Store?

Highlighting the products in the best way

The main focus of the display units should be to highlight the most important and best-selling products in the best possible ways in order to further enhance their saleability.

Keeping the products to sell in mind

Display units should be bought or customized as per the items being sold in the store. For instance, if you plan on selling groceries in your outlet, stuffing the store with podiums won’t be of any use. If a bookstore needs customized library shelvings. You would need to buy shelves, racks, and gondola units depending upon the products being sold.

Consistency with the brand image

The visuals of a store should be able to exhibit the essence of the brand in a unique manner so as to build a great brand recognition among the customers that visit the stores. The colours, shapes, and other visual elements of the in-store display fixtures should be in sync with the theme of the brand.

Consider budget

There is no need to spend lavishly on customizing the display elements of a store. The visuals can be kept minimalistic and they would still give out a classic feel. The main idea is to plan a budget to be invested in the display solutions and get those installed as per the budget.

Deciding on the best material that suits the brand

Some products need to show off a rugged look while other need to exhibit extravagance. A retail store selling wooden furniture can customize its display units to look more aged – a classic wooden look would be perfect, while a store selling jewelleries needs to impart luxury in its surroundings – glass and polished metallic display units might serve the purpose here. It is important to decide on the material of the units in accordance with the brand image.

Checking compliance with store expansion

Stores might need to expand in the near or remote future; it is always a good idea to keep this aspect in mind and get customization units that would be portable so that those can be transported and reassembled easily later.

Picking the right kind of display units is crucial because it hinders your brand image if not done properly. The footfall traffic will get on decreasing day by day and will have a negative effect on the sales figures of the store, or the brand overall. Instor is one of the leading retail solutions providers in India and strives to provide the retailers with customized display solutions for their outlets. Are you planning to start a retail store of your own or revamp your already existing store? Instor can help you with your display solutions to achieve better sales.


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