Redesign your store with Instor’s range of departmental store racks

With the rise of online shopping apps for groceries, departmental stores also have to focus on providing a unique shopping experience other than the quality of the products. It could be providing a seamless transition from shopping to bill counter, or create a modern architecture for departmental stores. In case it’s the latter, redesigning your store with Instor’s range of department store racks can be the answer. Recognized as the #1 amongst all departmental store racks manufacturers in India, here are the types of departmental store racks we provide. 

  1. Grocery Display Racks

Selling groceries is a vital business component for any departmental store. It generates enough revenue for a departmental store to account for a major share in its profitability. Such an important business aspect deserves world-class infrastructure to sustain the profits. By purchasing departmental store racks from Instor India, you will find a product that adheres to European design standards, and blends seamlessly with the modern aesthetic of your departmental store. Moreover, these racks are sturdy with a high load bearing capacity. It will help you display maximum number of goods. The racks also undergo tests by certified independent labs, which confirm their durability for a considerable period of time. 

  1. Gondola Racks

In literal terms, gondola racks are the centre of attraction in a departmental store. They offer excellent visibility and maximum exposure to the displayed products, while effectively using your store’s floor space. This arrangement makes it easier for your customers to browse products. Moreover, we provide gondola racks in various configurations, colors and sizes such as 2-sided, 3-sided and 4-sided configurations. You can even choose your favorite design that fits well in your departmental store. 

  1. Grain Display & Storage Units

When it comes to buying grains, customers prefer to physically feel what they are buying than purchasing packaged grains from the local market. Keeping that insight in mind, our unique range of steel and wooden grain units will provide your customers with the premium feel, which directly translates to quality in their eyes. Moreover, our grain units come with protective lids, designed to keep rodents away, and keep your grains safe. 

  1. Vegetable & Fruits Racks

Thanks to our multi-level vegetable and fruit racks, you can display plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits. Since you will display them inside your store, it eliminates risks such as weather damage and theft. Moreover, the materials we use to design these racks have high resistance to corrosion. Therefore, your fruits and vegetables will be safe when they will be in direct contact with these racks. 

Select the type of racks your store requires and install them right away. We also rank at the top amongst slotted angle racks manufacturers in India. After all, our objective is to deliver on our “we care” promise, everytime.


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