Kirana Store Floor Plan for Different Sizes

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Kirana stores, which are able to organize themselves with enough efficiency and up-to-date store design, easily have a long run in the business. A thoughtfully designed store can bring you 40% more profits, and we are not the ones saying it, check out this report

A well-planned kirana store will be able to provide much easier access to the products. The design should make sure that each kind of product is nicely visible and reachable. This can be done by featuring store items in an efficient way that encourages customers to consider making additional purchases while they browse.

The draft of a store layout generally shows the size and location of each department, any permanent structures, fixture locations, and customer traffic patterns.

Each floor plan and store layout will depend on the type of products sold, the shop’s location, and how much you are planning to invest in the overall store design.

However, most kirana store owners ignore this point and stick to the traditional store design, and unknowingly decrease their chances of larger profits. The point is, you can use this in your favour, modernize your kirana store, and have easy access to more profits than your rivals. Now, how to do it?  Well, we can help. 

Good floor plan = revenues

A solid floor plan is a legit way of boosting your sales and revenue. Design your store in such a way that it makes an easy reach for all kinds of products and also provides aesthetics to the environment. Use a colour set, place certain kinds of goods together, and separate the beauty and grocery, etc. The idea is to organize the goods efficiently. 

The size of the store wouldn’t matter if it is designed in a way that it could provide access to the entire store. For example, many store owners place a lot of different eye-catching products near the sales counter. That might increase the revenue a little, but it can also cause loss, because it clutters the space around the counter, and the store looks crowded with people, repelling prospective customers. 

Customer experience is the key

Customer experience is the key in today’s market, and if you are ignoring that, your customer will go to your competitor, where he might find the warmth that your store couldn’t provide. The layout and organization of your store can break and make a lot. 

For example, place all the beauty-related things together, so that the customer would know exactly in which area he could find the face wash (beauty-related thing). Many kirana shopkeepers place goods of the same category in different areas of the store, and then lose on their sales. Put nice little things near the counter. If you can, provide a nice sitting arrangement in the store. That helps.

Now that you know the things which you should keep in mind for modernizing your kirana store, let us talk about the different kinds of floor designs you can opt for.

Straight Floor Plan

A straight floor plan is one where it uses the walls and fixtures to create small spaces within the retail stores. Straight floor designs are one of the most economical choices for small kirana store spaces, because they are good with conveniently organizing the stuff. 

The only drawback of this plan is that it restricts the view. The customers will have to go to the area to see the products properly. But organizing still helps, so it’s a decent option.

Diagonal Floor Plan

This is the ultimate customer-friendly plan, where things are much more visible compared to the straight floor plan and provides easier reach for the customers, as it looks less of a maze. This type of design is excellent for self-service kind of stores as they offer a clear view to the customer from the counter.

Geometric Floor Plan

This kind of floor design is more for the clothing and apparels shop. It uses racks and fixtures to create an interesting and out-of-the-ordinary type of store design without a high cost. Such a setup is usually quite creative. Though this design is not recommended for kirana stores, you can always customize and use it creatively in your favor. 

Angular Floor Plan

This one is a more fluid plan as it provides easy customer access throughout the store. But the problem with this design is that it provides very little space for placing the goods. Therefore, unless your store doesn’t sell its in-brand kind of products, it wouldn’t be a nice idea to go for it. Also, the curves and angles of fixtures and walls make for a more expensive store design.

Mixed Floor Plan

As one can guess, this is the ultimate platter that incorporates the straight, geometrical and diagonal floor plans. It is a solid layout for most types of retailers. Some of the most admired examples of customer experience can be attributed to stores that have multiple shapes, elevations, and designs. This appeals to a larger array of customers. Again, as we talked, a good customer experience is the key.

If you have enough space, then try this kind of plan as it has good features of all the above plans. The only down point is that it needs space.

Use Professional Design Services

If you still find it all confusing, we suggest you look for a professional store design expert. Talk to someone who has industry experience and can help you with all the requirements for your dream store.

We at Instor have been supplying grocery display racks to thousands of small and big stores across India. We provide a wide range of fixtures customized to your storage space, giving your new Kirana store the contemporary look it needs. Check out our website to get your doubts cleared and consult us with anything you have in mind around your store.



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