How installing new storage racks will boost your business

With India witnessing a boom in online shopping, you need to give your customers a reason to shop in your supermarket. You must provide a shopping experience that can match the comfort of ordering products online. One way to deliver that experience is giving your supermarket a modern makeover. Installing storage racks from Instor, No.1 racking system manufacturer in India, is the ideal way to move forward.

Here’s why installing new storage racks from Instor will boost your business. 

  1. Made of high-grade materials

At Instor, we emphasize on designing display racks that are of stellar quality in terms of aesthetics and strength. When it comes to aesthetics, our experienced team of designers will make sure that our storage racks seamlessly blend in with your supermarket design, and gives it a modern look. As far as strength goes, our storage racks are the most robust and sturdiest that you will find in the market as they are made up of high-grade materials. It also makes them flexible, which allows shelves to adjust, interchange and make room for extra storage. Finally, these racks have a special powder coating on the exterior, which makes these shelves corrosion resistant. 

  1. Pallets with a high load-bearing capacity

Just like any supermarket, you will need pallets to support goods and transport them from the warehouse. Since they serve such an essential purpose, you must purchase pallets with a high load-bearing capacity. In-case you buy them from Instor, you will find our pallets made out of wood, metal, and plastic materials. They can load goods up to 1000 kgs per pallet. Thus, you can quickly load and unload your goods in bulk in the warehouse or supermarket. Moreover, we offer customizable pallets that come under different sizes and configurations. 

  1. Sturdy metal cages

Metal cages are an essential requirement in supermarkets. They are capable of storing bulky items, which need to be transported to the supermarket. Hence, you must purchase a metal cage that is made out of steel, has a sturdy structure, and can last in any environmental conditions. These requisite conditions make it easier for bulk material handling and material movement. Instor fulfills these conditions. 

Our sturdy metal cages provide an option to attach two fixed/two swivel casters or four swivel casters for smooth movement of goods. The shelves inside are foldable with two, and three closed sides. 

Providing quality storage rack and industrial solutions in India is Instor’s biggest forte. Be part of this fulfilling customer experience by purchasing these products from us and give your supermarket the contemporary look that it deserves. 


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