How can a kirana store benefit from installing new racks

Kirana stores act as a lifeline for Indian households. From food items to dish soap, they sell goods which are of everyday use. However, most of these kirana stores look far from contemporary in their infrastructure, which might spoil the shopping experience. One way of improving the shopping experience is by installing new racks from Instor, one of the best departmental store racks manufacturers in India. The following blog will explain why – 

  1. Grocery Display Racks

Grocery display racks capture the essence of a kirana store. Their aesthetic appeal not only blends with the shop’s infrastructure but also gives the store a modern look. If you wish to own a similar Kirana store, our wide range of grocery display will provide your store with its deserving unique and contemporary look. From storage shelves to rack systems, our racks are customizable, match European design standards, and provide the highest load-bearing capacity. As a result, you can display all your products neatly and clutter-free. Moreover, our racks go through a series of material spillage and strength tests, which ensures long-lasting durability. Hence, our racks make for an excellent long-term investment. 

  1. Gondola Racks

Gondola racks are a pretty common sight in every store. Why so? It’s because they offer better visibility and maximum exposure to products, while effectively using your store’s floor space. Moreover, gondola racks make it easier for customers to browse different products. Therefore, it is advisable that you install the best possible gondola racks in your kirana store. By purchasing from Instor India, you can choose from various configurations and sizes on display. The racks also come with 2-sided, 3-sided, and 4-sided shapes. The dimensions are customizable, the racks are easy to adjust, and they come in a variety of finishes and colours. 

  1. Vegetable & Fruits Racks

Amongst the most frequently bought items in kirana stores, vegetables and fruits rank very high as they are the daily groceries of every Indian household. Our extensive range of vegetable and fruit racks will make sure customers prefer your kirana store over others. For example, our multilevel racks allow you to display and store vegetables without having to put them outside your store, thus promoting indoor shopping experience amongst your customers. Plus, the materials used to manufacture these racks are safe from corrosion and available in various sizes and colours. Overall, we produce racks that not only have an aesthetic appeal but also extremely functional. 

So, what are you waiting for? Purchase one of our grocery store display racks,  and experience the positive changes in your kirana store today!


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