Everything You Need To Know About Pharmacy Storage Racks

For all the technological advancements in online shopping, customers feel safe in buying their medicines from a pharmacy than from an online portal to this day. They think that a pharmacist can properly advise them on the dosage and effects of a particular medicine. Therefore, as a pharmacist, it is your responsibility to not only provide your customers with quality products but also store them safely. Buying these storage racks from Instor, the #1 racking system manufacturer in India, is the ideal way to proceed. Here are the types of racks we provide, with the qualities they possess. 

  • Medicine glass cabinets – Medicine glass cabinets not only make it easy to store medicines but also give an aesthetic look to the pharmacy. Therefore, Instor provides glass cabinets that look good not only on display but also serve multiple purposes through its numerous features. For example, sliding door cabinets make it easier to take out or place medicines. Moreover, these cabinets are available in a variety of finishes and colours, which will ensure the cabinets will blend with the pharmacy’s interiors. 
  • Racks with Storage – Pharmacies in India have constraints with regards to floor space as they have to display products while also leave enough space for customers and floor staff to walk on. By installing our racks, you can eliminate this problem by organizing your medicines efficiently, and improve the workflow of your staff by giving them faster access to storage space. Moreover, these racks are modular and flexible. As a result, they utilize wall and floor space in the best possible way. 

By installing these racks, you can display medicines, food-items, and cosmetics on a larger scale. The racks are adjustable, have a high load-bearing capacity, and are available in steel or wood. 

  • Medicine Drawers – Drawers act as an efficient way for medicine storage as they can not only handle a lot of products but also take up minimum floor space. Moreover, you can mount drawers at any height, and adjust them as per your convenience, thus freeing up more space. Upon purchasing them from Instor, you will find medicine drawers that are durable, provide extra storage in limited space, rustproof & compliant with medicine storage, and available in various sizes, finishes & colours. 
  • Billing Counter – Any list about the types of pharmacy racks will remain incomplete without mentioning the billing counter. To manage high footfalls in your pharmacy, you will need billing counters that can cater to multiple customers at the same time. Keeping that in mind, Instor’s billing counters offers features such as bar-code scanner, credit/debit card checkout options, and invoice printer to help serve customers better. Moreover, we will provide you with a monitor stand, and a keyboard tray for your computers and a fake note detector stand to prevent counterfeit. 

Purchasing one of these products will not only provide you with the much-needed storage space but also give your pharmacy a modern look. So, the next time you search for one of the best departmental stores racks manufacturers, look no further than Instor!


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