Equipment List for Your New Supermarket Store

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The world of supermarkets is roaring like never before. It is expanding in size and efficiency, and for you to catch up with the market, you need to prepare well. To name a few essentials, a successful supermarket store requires speedy service, good storage space, sleek and appealing design, customized fixtures and racks, top-class machinery, and of course honest and hardworking employees. 

Finding and finalizing sound equipment for your supermarket store can be the soundest step in this venture but, before that, there are certain things that we will have to consider. So here are the 4 most important things to consider before you work on selecting the set of equipment that you will need for your store.

Finalizing the space and location for the store

This is one important decision you won’t be able to change later, so finalize it carefully. Choose a location or a space that is well accessible for more than one colony. This isn’t a small Kirana store, so sheer goodwill and good locality will not work. We are talking big here, so choose a location that is open to a large marketplace. Some ground research will tell you the purchasing power of people living in the locality.


Look for candidates who are both smart and hardworking for the job. Make sure they have the skill and knowledge of the areas you assign them. Other than this also make sure that they have appropriate behavior required like looking presentable and greeting customers with a smile. If possible, find someone who knows what the customers want, can speak their language, and is from the same locality. Go and consult an expert hiring service, if you are finding it hard to hire one yourself. 

As an employer, you have to provide a safe and functional job environment to your employees. Other than salaries or commission, you must also offer other perks to maintain a healthy relationship.

Stocking up the material

You owe this to yourself to finely stock up the material you want to sell and when you are doing that please make sure that the products you choose are up to the mark and coincide with what you want to sell. For perishable and non-perishable products, make sure to always order on the basis of anticipated sales. Take into account festive and wedding seasons too when you are deciding about what and how much to order. Use a good inventory management system, where you have a clear view of what exactly is happening in your store.

Funding and investments

Exactly the words that make us straighten our backs even more. Once you have finalized the basics like location, the market price, etc. work towards understanding how you are going to finance it. Are you going to buy the building or just rent it? How much of it will be bootstrapping and how much will need loans or investments?

Always remember to include the set-up and initial operational costs when you are finalizing your budget. You can also look for other options like taking a franchise. It’s a pretty convenient option considering you will get a lot for the things already served and sorted. The downside of a franchise is that you can’t take any major decision concerning the supermarket on your own and that you will have to pay the royalties.

Once all this is sorted, you can start working and planning the equipment for your supermarket. We have broadly classified the equipment you will need for the store.

  • Pieces of equipment for the sales floor

Open and close signboards, boards stating discounts, and marketing banners, are the things you will need to have on the sales floor. The customer must know about the new products, offers and discounts as soon as he walks in, and these boards will do just that. This category would also include counters, billing machines, and their supporting equipment.

  • Refrigeration equipment

Having a supermarket means having a good number and variety of perishable goods. You would need effective refrigeration for them. Different types of products will require different levels of cooling, so be alert while making a deal around refrigeration. Also since it’s a supermarket, you would need glass door refrigerators. You can display and keep a variety of cold drinks and other products of all sizes. There are also walk-in versions of storing things that you can opt for at your convenience.

  • Commercial display cases and hanger stands

These cases come very handy for certain kinds of special or exclusive products or even for some expensive goods, such as watches. Hanger stands are important for organizing and displaying clothes and accessories. 

  • Equipment for Your Break Room

The supplies for your break room are pretty much based on your convenience and choice. Ideally, there is a fridge and some snacks for the staff. Coffee machine, microwave oven, trash cans, and of course a comfortable place for your employees to sit and relax. Lockers should also be provided for the employees. 

  • Basic machinery and pieces of equipment list 

Your supermarket setup is incomplete without the basic machinery such as computers, card machines, brand mobiles, tag machines, stamps, and security cameras.

  • Other important items

Though these items don’t count as equipment, without them the list of essential equipment for your supermarket store is incomplete. Make a checklist for dummies, hangers, storage boxes, shopping carts and bags, store fixtures, and racks. Office chairs, stools, sample display trays, staples and television will also need consideration. You can’t forget mirrors. You clearly will need lots of mirrors, of all sizes, for your store.

  • For the storeroom

You always need to make sure that your storage room is clean and organized so that the products there inside don’t lose their value due to damages. Effective organizing of stock helps in dealing with crisis situations. 

  • Fixtures, racks and store design

Consult a reliable dealer for quality fixtures, display and storage racks for your supermarket store. Getting your store designed with a seasoned store designer and fixtures provider, because it is essential to use the store space judiciously besides getting high-quality fixtures. Instor specializes in creating store designs which are space-efficient and tailored to meet your precise requirements. It provides you with attractive shelves and fixtures which are not just durable and strong, but also remarkably flexible and easy to move and rearrange. It’s a proven fact that a good store design will lead to a better customer experience.

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