8 Reasons Not to Use Wooden Fixtures in Pharmacy Stores

Pharmacy / Medical stores are not only competing with local stores but also online pharmacies. Smart pharmacy store owners are looking for ways to increase sales and make their store experience more inviting and customer-friendly. Wooden fixtures are often seen as a favorable choice for aesthetic, and warm appeal and often mistaken for lower cost over metal fixtures. While you may think that using wood is a natural choice, there are many reasons why it is not the best option for your pharmacy stores. 

Disadvantages and hazards of using wooden fixtures in Pharmacy /  Medical stores

Wooden fixtures for pharmacy stores are not the best choice for a number of reasons and why you should avoid using them in your store.

  1. High maintenance and repair cost – Wooden fixtures require higher maintenance to keep the aesthetic and inviting appeal all year around as the surface becomes dull with exposure to lights and heavy traffic. Wooden fixtures with laminates are prone to chipping. Fixing damaged parts not only creates an uninviting look but often results in high cost of repair or replacement of damaged fixtures.  
  2. Susceptible to water damage – Even when treated with coatings or covered with laminates, wood is highly susceptible to damage from water and moisture which can lead to rot and weaken shelves and structure. Wooden fixtures require high maintenance due to the impact of hot-cold and wet-dry temperature cycles and changes in humidity. Water damage can damage medicines and other health care products you carry in your pharmacy.
  3. Low durability and load bearing – Wood is not durable enough to withstand constant use in pharmacy stores, which means it will break or warp over time.  Wooden shelves have low load bearing capacity and are often bent, making them useless in a short period of time. This also creates safety hazards for customers who could get injured by chipped laminates, weakened pieces on the floor or shelving units collapsing on them.
  4. Health and fire hazard – Wood is a porous material that can harbor dirt, fungus, and bacteria, which could potentially create a harmful environment for your employees and customers. Wooden fixtures are also highly susceptible to fire when exposed to heat. 
  5. Hard to change layout or move – Pharmacy segment is changing rapidly and to drive optimum in-store experience, it may require to make changes to shelves height, and also modify certain aspects of the layout. Many times, wooden fixtures are permanently fixed or made to specific sizes making it difficult to make modifications to. So, either you are forced to adjust products in the same layout or spend more money to make those changes. 
  6. Lower life span and high replacement cost –  Wooden fixtures also have shorter life spans due to wear-and-tear from customers who touch them all day long. The average lifespan of wooden fixtures is 3-5 years, while metal fixtures last 10-20 times as long. This may seem like an inconsequential cost at first glance, but it will result in constant replacement of fixtures over time – costing you more money.
  7. Not environmentally friendly – Lots of trees are cut to make wooden fixtures. Wood requires a lot of energy to make it into finished products and is processed using harmful chemicals which end up in the environment. In fact, wood is one of the most resource intensive materials on earth – so its use in pharmacy shops is actually harming our planet rather than helping it.
  8. High wastage – Wooden fixtures also have an increased risk of shrinkage due to their porous nature, which leads to the need for more raw materials during production. Also, wooden fixtures are extremely hard to recycle and create a high volume of wastage, ultimately hurting your bottom-line and our environment.

Advantages of using metal fixtures in Pharmacy stores

The best option for keeping your pharmacy store looking fresh, and attractive for years with the flexibility to easily make modifications is by using metal fixtures instead of wood. 

As a leader in fixtures for Pharmacies, we are at the forefront of innovations in retail healthcare and creating solutions that provide the best in-store experience to customers, durable and aesthetically beautiful solutions for modern pharmacy stores, and are environment friendly.
Here are the main reasons why you should consider using metal fixtures in your pharmacy stores:

  1. High durability – Metal fixtures provide highest durability compared to any other material and can easily withstand heavy loads, heavy movement, and frequent touches from customers checking and picking up products.
  2. High load bearing capacity – Due to the material used and design of metal fixtures, they provide the high load bearing capacity for each shelf and don’t bend even with varying amounts of load. Every product we design goes through thermal heat-map optimization to give highest load bearing, eliminating the need for constant repairs and additional investments.
  3. Maintenance-free – Metal fixtures require minimal to no maintenance. It is easy to keep them clean with just wiping with dry or wet clothes. No need to use chemicals or any coatings to maintain the fresh look and there is no chipping or dullness of color . Instor’s power-coated fixtures are rust-proof and maintenance-free. 
  4. Long life-span – With high durability and long aesthetic appeal, metal fixtures offer a long life-span of 15-20 years or even longer without any impact on the look of the fixtures – keeping your pharmacy looking fresh for years and providing the best in-store experience to your customers. 
  5. Easy to make modifications – Given the design of metal fixtures, it is easy to make modifications in shelves height, add or modify display accessories or modify layouts to accommodate for changes in merchandising displays or for enhancing customer experience without incurring extra cost for modifications. 
  6. No health hazard – With metal fixtures, you never have to worry about mold or bacteria growth from water or moisture. Powder-coated metal fixtures are water and mold resistant, freeing you from the worry of any health or sanitation hazard. 
  7. Environment friendly – Materials used in metal fixtures are created from raw materials that don’t harm the environment. The process to manufacture metal fixtures consumes a lot less energy than wooden fixtures. 
  8. Reusable and Zero waste– Metal fixtures are easy to dismantle and move from one location to another if there is a change of location for one or more stores. Metal fixtures are 100% reusable, recyclable and create zero waste – good for your bottom-line and also the environment.
  9. Beautiful aesthetics with wooden look – With innovations in design and finishing, metal fixtures offer a variety of options to create warm, inviting and upscale aesthetics. Instor has created innovative metal fixtures with wood finishes that provide the same look as wooden fixtures but durability and longevity of metal. 

Achieve the same wooden look in metal fixtures
Instor’s W-Range of fixtures with wooden finishes

With innovations in retail solutions, Instor has created metal fixtures with wooden finishes that provide the same warmth and character as wood into certain sections of pharmacy stores without having to worry about health hazards, high maintenance, repair or replacement costs. 

Instor’s W-range of fixtures come in a variety of wooden finishes to match the design and character of your pharmacy stores. With India’s largest and most advanced manufacturing facility, innovative R&D and retail industry experts, Instor provides modern, functional and durable fixtures for pharmacy only and hybrid pharmacy-mart stores. 

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