6 Biggest Design Elements of a Pharmacy Store that Drives Profits

If you took a survey across a wide range of brick-and-mortar retail shops, you would find most stores consistently organize themselves. The items at eye level – where the customer will spend the most time – are directly in front of them as they enter. Subtly placed directional flow for broad categories make it easy for shoppers to move throughout the store without risking sensory overload.

We are creatures of habit. What’s more, we are creatures of patterns. And retailers have long understood that the structure of their stores plays a significant role in driving sales. Whether you’re a supermarket, CDIT, clothing, or even pharmacy store, there are design cues that can send you down a given mental path.

You can include many different features in your store layout to create a positive experience for your retail pharmacy customers. Below are just several key features that proved to have the most significant impact on customer shopping experiences.

High Margin Product Display at the Right of Your Store Entrance

Most shoppers tend to move right when they enter a space before moving counterclockwise as they make their way through a store. To take advantage of this shopping habit, place a display with high-margin products or items you’re interested in promoting to the right of your pharmacy’s front entrance (for example – cosmetics, pantry items, etc.) Shoppers will be attracted to the items you want them to notice and buy first.  

Stack Your Pharmacy Counter Area with Products Your Customers Will Want to Buy

The area next to the prescription counter is a high-traffic zone. Customers tend to receive high foot traffic than other areas of the pharmacy store, which makes it an excellent place to display over-the-counter items that you think will attract shoppers. The counter’s proximity allows customers to ask questions and employees to make valuable recommendations.

Place Eye-Catching Displays Throughout Your Pharmacy Store

Placing eye-catchy displays in your pharmacy that contain high-contrast colors, strategic lighting, and desirable products to slow your shoppers’ attention down long enough to peruse areas of your pharmacy they might not usually glance at.

Retailers that encourage shoppers to linger and browse have seen sales increases of 20-40%. Make sure to create spaces in your pharmacy store with eye-catching displays that display in-demand, promotional, seasonal, and impulse purchase products, so they don’t get overlooked.

Have a Clear Focus for All Your Displays

While retailers might want to highlight all of their product offerings, basic store design principles suggest the easy way to grab shoppers’ attention is to place the specific product you want to be highlighted at eye level and surround it with other strategically-placed items.

Keep Your Pharmacy Counter at the Back of the Store

The fundamental principle of designing a pharmacy store layout is always to place your pharmacy counter at the store’s back. Shoppers should be guided through the rest of your store to view other items before reaching the pharmacy counter.

Your store has a lot of products to offer to your shoppers; the more stopping points they encounter along this trip, the better chance you have of getting them to buy products.

Focus on Ease of Movement, Store Accessibility, and Lighting

Given your pharmacy tend to get customers of all ages, create slightly wider aisles to accommodate walkers and wheelchairs. Improving lighting and appropriating placement of security cameras can help prevent inventory loss and help customers feel safer.

Other key considerations to take into account 

Offer comfortable seating to keep customers in your store longer. The increased time spent in the store makes customers more likely to buy.

Checkout area
In stores with an open layout, the checkout area offers additional visual merchandising possibilities. Retailers use it to encourage impulse purchases of complementary merchandise while customers wait to pay. If you have a big pharmacy store, you can take advantage of this opportunity.

Update your visual elements regularly
In a pharmacy, it’s essential to keep the visual elements updated by whatever the product focus/promotional offer is. For example, if you plan to make special offers on hair-loss products, you need to adjust your visual elements (e.g., some posters and banners) in the pharmacy store.

We hope this article offered you the right ideas to design your independent pharmacy store that will provide a more efficient and higher-quality shopping experience. Now increase the effectiveness of each section within your store and reduce the time shoppers spend trying to find exactly what they need. If you allow your customers to browse without having to hunt for products, you will find an increase in traffic, conversion ratios, and happy customers.

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