5 Things to Consider Before Buying Retail Fixtures for Store

It’s the age of online shopping, where visuals play a key role in attracting customers. A well-designed retail store does the same for a physical store. However, for a supermarket store owner, the fixture has to be more than just a smart, eye-catching piece of display. Look at the 5 most important things you must check before you choose fixtures for your retail store.

1. Price – A reasonable cost is usually the basic criteria for a store owner when purchasing retail fixtures. Reasonable does not simply mean cheaper than other similar products. It means high returns on investment in the form of product aesthetics as well as durability in the long term. The cost of a high fixture may seem comparatively higher to you than products available from local suppliers unless you are ready to bear the additional cost of repairs and renovation after 12-14 months of installation. So, choose thoughtfully.

2. Quality – It results from a blend of multiple factors. The products that Instor offers brings you all these in one pack:

  • Incredible designs, unique layouts that compliment your store’s design
  • The fixture’s customizability and efficient use of the space available
  • High-grade material and with the best load-bearing capacity
  • Products that stay much longer without frequent repairs or additional investments
  • Flexible layouts which can be easily switched to match changing customer behavior
  • Effectively suits the purpose of maximum product exposure

3. Durability – This one thing powerfully justifies the costs of a fixture. Display, flexibility, and high-grade material become a complete quality pack when the promise of durability seals it. Ensure that the fixture you are buying has been subjected to several quality tests that prove the durability and endurance of the fixtures (especially if you want to use the fixtures for storing heavy items).

Instor fixtures go through several quality tests and offer 3X more durability than any local/national retail fixture suppliers in India.

4. Single Point Execution- Opening up a retail store is not just about buying the retail fixtures. You need careful planning from selecting the right store layout based on the size of the store, choosing the right products, and install products that are a perfect fit.

Instor provides a single-point solution for all your display, storage, and goods movement needs. From layout and design to build, install and care, every step is executed flawlessly by our team of experts.

5. Factory Setup – When you connect with a sales representative from a company, s/he may give you different promises about the product design, quality, and delivery. However, it’s important to visit their factory if possible to witness the product manufacturing process to ensure you are choosing the right products from the right company (especially if your investment is bigger).

Instor invites all their prospects to visit our factory to witness the manufacturing process first hand to ensure they are getting the quality they have been promised.

Our complete retail fixtures solution designing, manufacturing, and installation are supported by its vast state-of-the-art manufacturing facility spread over 4 lakh sq ft. As a result, we have been able to offer retail fixtures that are a unique combination of modern aesthetics, high load-bearing capacity, and certified durability, which are easy to switch and allow quick layout change.

More than 7000+ customers across the nation trust Instor for their retail fixtures needs, from smaller neighborhood Kirana stores to giant retail brands. If you plan to open a new retail store or do a makeover, connect with our sales representative and see the difference.

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