13 Kirana Store Design Suggestions for Better Sales

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Store design is the way a kirana store owner sets up product displays, basic decorations, and inventory in his store so as to enhance his store’s brand, drive sales, and create a pleasant customer experience.

Designing your store strategically is a powerful way to grow your kirana store business. A lousy design, on the other hand, will only repel customers. Recall the number of times you got away from a disorganized, shoddily-appearing kirana shop.

Here we are going to list out quick tips and tricks, which will help you master the art of designing a store, so that you can maximize your store space, and keep people from going away.

Store Layout

You must first lay your groundwork by finalizing a store layout for your business. Chalk out a strategic arrangement of permanent fixtures, designed to promote purchases as well as a decent shopping experience.

Start with defining your store’s needs and goals, which will allow you to implement a layout that suits your business well. For example, as a kirana store, you need a layout that holds and organizes as many products as possible and makes for an easy shopping experience.

The right store layout will be determined also by the amount of square footage you have, the type of merchandise you sell, and how you want the buyers to move through your space. A store layout, if done correctly, can drive your sales and create an enjoyable experience for your customers.

Check out how you can plan your store layout and use it to drive your business forward.

Maximize Customer Flow

It is essential to closely observe your customer flow in your kirana shop, such as the busiest time of the day, the maximum number of visitors at the peak time, the most frequented corner of your store, which products or what display attracts most people and so on. You can keep modifying the store design to make shopping comfortable for the customers so that they come back to you. For instance, you can keep some space at the entrance relatively free of merchandise for the customers entering the store. You can at the most put a couple of key display items in this zone.

Create Exterior Appeal

The design of the store’s exterior is the first impression you make on visitors. The goal of the exterior design is to entice people walking by your store to step in and make a purchase. It is like giving people a taste of what they can expect inside the store. Create clear and legible signage, and window displays showcasing selected products. Usually bold and bright-coloured displays have proven to engage passers-by. You can think of innovative ways of smart product placement to engage customers.

Arrange for Digital Signage

Digital display of product images on LED/LCD, or video streaming is another way to project your products’ info. Although digital signage is a relatively new technique for a kirana store, it effectively engages customers. You can place your digital signage strategically to attract customers’ attention from any position of the store.

Utilize Effective Displays

Displays are an excellent tool to showcase your products. Properly done displays save space and make the store look organized. Instor specializes in designing and supplying all kinds of display racks in a kirana store. Its experts know how a display can perfectly utilize the given space without cluttering it. A great way to maximize space is by displaying products on your walls. You can consult Instor designers for more such ideas.

Use Adequate Lighting

Light is a crucial part of your kirana store display. Customers need visibility to comfortably select their desired goods and then choose from your prominent displays. Proper lighting thus is a vital part of your store’s ambience. Make sure that your space is well lit.

Avoid Too Much Display 

Having too much product and décor is a spoiler in your store design. It hampers the shoppers’ movement through the store space. It may also distract them and keep them from coming to your store next time. 

Make the Store Space Efficient

Kirana store spaces are usually within 500 sqft. You can still improve customer experience by creating an illusion of extra space, thus making them appear larger. You can do this by using light colours for walls, incorporating fewer and smaller fixtures, using mirrors, creating floor space by placing décor pieces high up. This will also elevate the store.

Use Your Product as Décor

One of the great ways to optimize your kirana store space and avoid clutter is to use your products as décor. Use racks, shelve-tops and walls to display certain products in appealing patterns. Instor has been providing adjustable shelves and racks, and attractive display ideas for thousands of kirana stores.

Create Focal Points

Focal points are like stepping stones to first attract customers and then engage them with various product displays. Shoppers will instinctively gravitate towards them because of their visual appeal if used well. The usual techniques to draw your customers’ attention are to use colours brighter than the rest of the store, keep it at a height as people’s eyes gravitate toward high points, use any not-for-sale product just to draw attention, etc.

Make Space for Your Tasks

Your kirana store should have enough room for customers to move around and check out products, pick them up, pay for them, and carry them out. While implementing your kirana store design, think of all the tasks that the space will be used for as part of shopping and store maintenance and you can plan your store design accordingly.

Play Music

Although music is usually played in a supermarket store, it can be tried at your kirana store too, to create a cheerful vibe. However, if you are playing music, choose your songs carefully as this is a family shop you are running. Also, make sure that the music remains in the background and doesn’t disturb the customer. Soft music playing in the background is pleasing to the ears and should leave the customers happy. 

Display Payment Scan Codes Prominently

Scan codes for mobile payments should be displayed at convenient spots. If possible, keep more than one scan code on both sides of your kirana store counter, so that customers don’t have to wait for each other to make online payments.

Creating an engaging kirana store design is crucial for your business. Positive customer experience will drive sales and promote your brand. These 13 tips will put you on the right track in creating a store design that is visually appealing as well as retains them.

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